Workshops (Prices vary depending on season and # of participants)

Woodcraft Workshops

Inquire about wood carving workshops. Participants can learn about tree identification and the wood qualities of local tree species. Traditional wood carving techniques are also explored while participating on a project. Projects can include log home construction, bow and arrow construction, totem poles, basswood maple syrup spoons, cedar boxes and shakes.

Traditional Fish Species and Preparation (cleaning and cooking)

Learn from our instructors about the local fish species and how they were traditionally utilized. Participants in this workshop will expect to learn everything they need to know about the local fish species including fish as food and their medicinal qualities. Bring your own filet knife and an appetite.

Edibles and Medicines of the Wilderness (Hike or Classroom Setting)

Plants, mushrooms, lichen. The identification of the living things growing in the forest is one of the best things you can learn. Everything we enjoy about the wilderness revolves around it. The clean air we breathe, the delicious foods we eat and of course the medicinal properties of the plants. Participants will learn about harvesting techniques and the preparation of what can be gathered both as a food source and medicine.

Art and Music

Inquire about all the possibilities. Many artists have visited our lodge; one in particular Leland Bell is both a recording artist and talented painter. Leland is willing to come out and teach us some of his techniques. Participants with these workshops will develop their own song(s) and own paintings. Bring your own acoustic guitar and your voice.

Winter Wilderness Survival

Explore the outdoors this winter while learning hands-on the ancient Ojibwe techniques of winter survival. Winter time didn’t mean it was time for hibernation; it was a time of travel and harvesting from the land. Places that was too hard to get to during other seasons suddenly open up for exploration and exploitation. Participants will learn about ice safety, harvesting winter foods and building winter shelters.